"Calm on Pointe"/"They're at it Again"
This years event:
Sat. June 26th, 2010; 6-9pm
At Delicious Boutique Sideshow, The Piazza at Schmidt's, 2nd and Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19123

HUGE savings at Delicious Boutique-hours of the event, only!
Look at these photos-Delicious can even make a bunch of clowns look like rock stars!
This year Clowntastrophe will feature over 30 artists! The show includes visual art, and special performances by TrickZone and members of The Olde City Sideshow!

The band Mischief Brew will be performing!!
Check them out!

(Scroll down to see list of other artists and visit their links)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet "Henson the Cyclops"

Hey Gang! Like many of us I couldn't make it out to the Clowntastrophe Art Show this past Saturday. But I have been really inspired by everyone's posts so I just had to contribute...
Above are my sketches. I did these on a train ride shortly after Paul sent out the e-mail.
A color comp I did in Photoshop. I decided to splice together different parts of several sketches.

Some photos, sorry, they are kinda crappy. It was overcast that day. I used everything that wasn't nailed down; acrylics, model magic, sewed the arms, you name it...
Also, you'll notice I decided to let my one-eyed cyclops go nekkid! Seemed only fitting!

Thanks for all the kewl posts! Can't wait for the next show! Cheers!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This project was so much fun to work on! As soon as I saw the shape of the punk, it reminded me of the nesting dolls that I grew up with. I was also moved by the love that is shared between families, friends and loved ones.

As I painted (and day-dreamed out my studio window) I thought about the feeling of simplicity and freedom that Summertime always brings me. The iridescent colors and whimsical patterns were inspired by the magical and carefree Summers of my childhood.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Masquerader by Dave Glass

revised sketch

Initial sketch and first coat of paint on circus punk halfway there...


Thanks to Paul for the chance to contribute to Clowntastrophe. The work on this blog is phenomenal, and it will be awesome to be a part of something to which so many great artists have contributed. Man alive, seriously, all the work here has been amazing so far.

This is Snooki, from the MTV show Jersey Shore. That show is alright by me, but in a row of punks, I thought she'd be a fun one to throw a ball at and try to knock over.

I took this project as a chance to do something outside of what I might normally do, so it is sculpture-based. Those are fake nails as the eyes, a pig as a nose, and a Snickers wrapper as the mouth (they call her Snickers on the show, as a nickname to a nickname, I guess). For the full rundown on how it all came about, check my blog.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Binky the Circus Punk

For my Punk I decided to go kind of simple, I wasn't sure how it would take spray paint, since it was basically stuffed canvas. I sketched out the design on tracing paper (not a computer!), and then cut out some tape masks to spray paint. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's.


PS- I named mine after the clown from the "Garfield and Friends" cartoon.

El Payaso...Lo que te ríes?

Aquí está mi punk circo para el Clowntastrophe ... su nombre es El Payaso el luchador!